Deadly Intersections: Disability and Gender-Based Violence

I’m involved in the Women’s Equality Party and I am part of the comms team for my local branch. I’m also a member of the Disability and LGBTQI caucuses.

My dress is not a yes
My dress is not a yes

I’m excited to be leading an event next week and, if you’re interested in disability, feminism, gender-based violence and the intersections between them, you need to check it out!

The blurb:

Disabled women are twice as likely as non-disabled women to experience domestic abuse, but less likely to be able to access a refuge. 40% of disabled women have been sexually assaulted or raped and 50% of Deaf girls have been sexually abused. There are even ways that disabled women can be abused that simply do not exist for non-disabled people.

This is not a coincidence. The structural inequalities that affect disabled people and women intersect and the inaccessible world we live in means that when Deaf and disabled women are assaulted or abused, it is more difficult to be taken seriously, it is more difficult to report and it is more difficult to access support.

At this event, WEP Sheffield and Disability and LGBTQI caucus member Philippa Willitts will discuss this vital issue that all feminists must take seriously if we are to achieve true equality for all women. Sign up to find out more about how disabled women are affected by rape culture and male violence against women and girls and what disabled and non-disabled women can do to campaign for change.

It’s free, and hopefully will be inspiring and rage-making and interesting, so sign up and come along!

Image credits: Peter and Rémi Noyon