Proofreading self-published Kindle books and ebooks

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Whether your goal is to write a book that will help to demonstrate a specialised business knowledge about their niche, or whether it’s a novel that’s been bubbling away under the surface for years, self-publishing gives writers more control and allows them to deliver their work to an audience far more quickly than traditional publishing could.

However, the costs that a traditional publisher would normally cover end up being left to the author themselves when you self-publish. You must pay to get a cover designed and pay an editor to review the totality of their book. Then, finally, you must employ a proofreader who can get rid of errant apostrophes and catch spelling mistakes that slipped through the net.

As much as you may feel confident that you have spotted all the errors in your text (after all, you’ve no doubt re-read it about 94 times), it is vital to get a second opinion and a professional proofreader is the best person to spot any mistakes in spelling, punctuation or grammar that you might have made.

It’s impossible to identify all of our own errors.

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The reason it is so important to have your self-published writing proofread is that self-publishing has a terrible reputation, thanks to people who bash out something akin to a long blog post and have it on sale on Amazon through KDP the same afternoon, with a cover slapped together in Microsoft Paint.

There are also self-publishers who take longer to work on their masterpiece but are so afraid of criticism that they refuse to send it on to any professionals like editors or proofreaders to work on.

So many reviews of Kindle or self-published books talk about how many typos there are… is that the impression you want people to have about your book? Or do you want to put something on sale that you can feel truly proud of?

Kindle / Ebook / Self-published book proofreading fees

Fees for this service start at £15 (GBP) per 1,000 words, which means that the fee for a 50,000-word book, for example, would be £750.

If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch.

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