Freelance Writing: Info, Experience, Samples and Publications

Logo Cloud 2My main areas of expertise in my writing are disability, health, women’s issues, and social media, SEO and internet marketing. However I also love the challenge of getting commissions to write about any and every subject.

Unlike with Proofreading and Copyediting, I do not have set fees listed for freelance writing. This is because commissions or contracts to write can be a lot more complex, so working out the fees has to be done on a case-by-case basis. So please contact me with your project ideas, with as detailed a brief as possible, and I will come back to you with an estimate cost.

My writing has appeared in numerous publications including the Guardian Comment is Free, Channel 4 News blog, The Daily Dot, xoJane, the Independent Editors’ Choice blogs, the New Statesman, AOL Money, Feminist Times, Disability Intersections, Perceptions Magazine, Off Our Backs, Grown-Up Green, Rain & Thunder and Artemis, and I had a series of poems published in a book. You can also read my blog posts at The F-Word and Where’s the Benefit? and listen to me talk about the language of disability on The Pod Delusion.

I ghostwrite the majority of the commercial copy I produce so I can’t ‘claim’ authorship of it here. I write website copy, press releases, news stories, blog posts and case studies for numerous websites and businesses and these are mostly not listed below.