Ghost writing and blogging services for SMEs

If you run an SME – or the marketing department of an SME – you know you need a regularly updated blog. You know you want the SEO juice, the new content to share on your social channels and the way that an authoritative blog post demonstrates to your ideal client that you do know what you’re talking about and that they should buy your product or service.

You know you need this, but you’re too busy running your business – or your department – to write it yourself. Or you hate writing blog posts. Or you know your niche but you just don’t have any confidence in your ability to write about it.

This is the sign
This is the sign

That’s where I come in. It is why I have written regular blog posts for a range of companies, mostly SMEs, since I started freelancing full time in 2012.

Mostly, I write regular blog content for companies that offer tech services like IT support and online security or some kind of digital marketing, be that SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising and reputation management.

Because of my experience in these areas, and the way I keep on top of the news and best-practice advice in these industries, I can be trusted to write blog posts that are well informed and position your company as a thought leader in the space.

What’s more, I can turn complicated, specialised advice into information that is accessible and easily understood by the non-techie lay person. If you offer PPC services to, say, e-commerce businesses in the arts and crafts niche, the business owner does not need to understand the difference between CPA and PLAs, but they need to know that you do.

I can write content that makes it easy to understand and that demonstrates your expertise.

Beyond the tech and digital marketing spaces, I have also written content for feminist SMEs and companies that make disability and accessibility equipment.

Freelance ghost writer

The vast majority of the blogging I do for companies is ghost written, which means they get to claim they wrote it themselves. This is why I can’t link to a lot of it but you can see some of my writing samples here.

I don’t mind whether I write under your name or my own, but I am more likely to share to my own social channels if it is written under my own name. With that in mind, you can choose whichever option you prefer.

Every blog post I write is carefully researched and well written and I can upload it to the CMS of your choice. I have worked most in WordPress but am also familiar with other software. Alternatively, I can provide it as a Word document or within Google Drive.

I will provide legal images that you can use to illustrate the post, because nobody wants a big, fat wall of text.

Get in touch if you want to know more. You can get an idea of the fees I charge here.

Recent work includes

  • Two blog posts a week for an SEO agency
  • A weekly blog post for a company that offers IT support to SMEs
  • A series of blog posts for an internet security company to use as guest blog posts


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