Tattoo Proofreading

We’ve all seen a tattoo disaster. Terrible linework and poor colour saturation are one thing – often the result of a poor choice of artist – and some people just have terrible taste. But when a tattoo has an obvious and completely avoidable spelling mistake, it hurts my heart (as well as its owner’s pride).

There is no need for these egregious ink blots to come to life; a quick check with a careful and accurate proofreader can save you from years of embarrassment and stifled giggles as you walk by.

Info for people getting a tattoo

You do not want to become a meme for all the wrong reasons so, before you go ahead with your next tattoo, let me proofread it.

It’s simple: PayPal me £6 (GBP) and send anything from a single word to one full sentence to me by email. Within 24 hours, I will have a corrected version ready for you.

If you think you can’t spare the £6, it’s time to question whether you can justify spending on a tattoo at all! I only proofread English language tattoos.

Info for tattoo artists and tattoo studios

If putting words into somebody’s skin fills you with dread because you know your professional reputation is on the line, you can bulk buy this proofreading service at a discount.

Telling clients you have all word-based tattoos proofread before you ink them adds reassurance to your offering and might just be the final push in your direction for someone who’s deciding between two artists.

At my normal rate, I will proofread anything from a word to a full sentence for £6. As a professional tattoo artist or studio, if you book me now to proofread 10 tattoos for you, I will charge just £50.

I would invoice you at the start of our agreement and, once I receive payment, start proofreading tattoos as and when you need me. You can take as long as you need to use up all ten slots; there is no sneaky time limit.

I only proofread tattoos in the English language. If you want to know more, please contact me.

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