Tattoo Proofreading

Tattooist draws black and red pattern on the clients hand and holding a tattoo machine and sterile black gloves. Tattoo artist works on a blue professional mat.

We’ve all seen a tattoo disaster. Terrible linework and poor colour saturation are one thing – often the result of a poor choice of ‘artist’ – and some people just have terrible taste. But when a tat has an obvious, AVOIDABLE spelling mistake, it hurts my heart (as well as its owner’s reputation).

There is no need for these egregious ink blots to come to life; a quick check with a careful and accurate proofreader can save you from years of embarrassment and stifled giggles as you walk by.

You don’t want to become a meme for all the wrong reasons so, before your next text-based tattoo, let me proofread the words, punctuation, spelling and grammar for you.

It’s simple: PayPal me £5 (GBP) and send anything from a single word to one full sentence to me by email. Within 24 hours, I will have a corrected version ready for you.

If you think you can’t spare the £5, it’s time to question whether you can currently afford a tattoo at all.

I only proofread tattoos in the English language.