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About hiring a proofreader

  • Do you want your writing to be taken seriously?
  • Do you want to avoid the embarrassment of mortifying spelling and grammatical mistakes before you launch your information product?
  • Do you want the writing on your website to be the best it can be?

You need a proofreader. Although spellcheck has come on a long way, it is still not psychic. This means that it does not know if what you have written makes sense or if you have typed ‘hat’ when you meant ‘bat’, or if you meant ‘hair’ when you wrote ‘hare’. Microsoft Word or services like Grammarly may make suggestions, but they do not have the nuance of a human proofreader and they do make mistakes.

It can be incredibly difficult to spot errors in our own writing even when we know – and understand how to apply – complex grammatical and spelling rules. A proofreader looks at a piece of writing with a fresh eye, as well as specialist knowledge and skills, so can help you to maximise the effectiveness of your content.

I am an experienced and skilled proofreader and editor. When you hire me to proofread or edit your work, I will correct the spelling and grammar within the document. I will also make sure that your words flow well and conform to professional standards, rewording any awkward sentences or phrasing.

I will proofread your:

Avoid the humiliation of launching your product with a glaring typo or selling your eBook and getting complaints in reviews about its poor grammar. Get in touch now to discuss your proofreading and editing needs.

Recent work includes

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