1. How can I employ you to write for me?

Email me and tell me what you are looking for and we can talk about how I can help you with your content needs.

2. What kind of writing do you do?

I write on numerous subjects, covering a range of writing styles.

I have written for newspapers and magazines, mainly on topics around health and disability and women’s issues. I have journalism experience writing opinion pieces, features and profiles and am currently a community correspondent at a local publication, focusing on the LGBT+ and disability communities.

I also write commercially, assisting businesses with content marketing, SEO web-content writing, case studies, articles and press releases. Additionally, I write about social media, search engine optimisation and digital marketing. I have also written extended pieces of work such as eBooks.

One of my favourite aspects of freelance writing is the vast array of subject matter I can be called upon to write about. I research every subject thoroughly and can be called upon to write clearly and consistently on any topic and I always enjoy widening my portfolio of work.

Having said that, I do have specialist knowledge of digital marketing, tech, health, disability and women’s issues and can be relied upon to provide niche copy in those areas. If you need a safe pair of hands who knows her stuff, get in touch and we can talk about what you need.

You can see examples of, and links to, my writing on this page.

3. Do you offer guest-posting services?

I am happy to write guest blog posts for you to place with other blogs to expand your reach and show off your specialist knowledge on relevant blogs in your niche. I charge the same fee for this as I do for regular blog posts for your blog.

However, I will not approach blogs on your behalf in an attempt to get them to host your guest blog post. It is not my area, and approaches generally come better from somebody inside the company.

If you can find blogs that are keen to host your guest content, I will happily write it to be published under your name.

4. Why should we choose you to write for us? 

I am an experienced, reliable, skilled and consistent writer who will help to promote your business by providing top-quality, informative, persuasive copy. My attention to detail and thorough research ensure that I write coherent, well-informed articles and blog posts for you.

Regardless of the subject of the writing, the size of the job or the type of writing you need, I always make sure you get my best work, which meets our agreed deadlines and requirements.

5. Will you write for us? Or edit our website copy?

Sure! Contact me with details, and we’ll talk!

6. Do you understand SEO and how to write for the web?

I have specialised knowledge of the principles and practice of SEO (search engine optimisation) and use my technical and applied understanding of SEO to write comprehensive and effective articles for the web, as well as optimising website content for search-engine success. I make sure I keep on top of all the latest SEO news so that I don’t use any outdated or damaging practices in SEO writing.

Most importantly, my SEO writing flows well, and does not use keyword stuffing or any other bad practices that not only read badly but could also get your site flagged as spam. I write primarily for people, not search engines, and that makes all the difference.

I have run a blog since the days when few people even knew what a blog was, so publishing to the web comes very naturally to me.

7. What is your proofreading or copy-editing experience?

I have experience of proofreading many different types of documents, from creative short stories to dense commercial texts, academic dissertations and entire book manuscripts. I proofread CVs and resumes for job seekers, essays and theses for students, and booklets and promotional materials for charities, the NHS and other organisations.

Businesses and organisations that do not want the embarrassment of sending out annual reports or marketing campaigns with spelling mistakes or misplaced apostrophes also employ me to double check their work.

As Editor in Chief of Global Comment, I commission and edit writers’ work every day. And in my work with The F-Word and Where’s the Benefit? websites, I commissioned and edited news stories, accounts of personal experiences and reviews by guest bloggers.

8. Why should we choose you to proofread our document?

I work meticulously, particularly when proofreading or editing. To proofread well, you have to be able to refocus and read in a totally different way, and this is something I excel at.

On top of that, I am one of those really annoying people who spots spelling and grammatical errors everywhere they look!

I work quickly but review every text two or three times to minimise the chances of missing something important.

9. I notice you use British English spelling. If we commission work from you for a uniquely US audience, could you write or edit for us with US English spelling?

Yes, of course. I write and edit for clients from a variety of countries and offer them a choice between proofreading for either UK or US English. I adapt the appropriate spelling and punctuation depending on what you need.

10. What are your fees?

My proofreading fees are listed here and you can get an idea of my freelance writing fees here.

Please contact me with any enquiries and we will talk through your needs, after which I will present you with a proposal of work, including fees and a timeframe.

If appropriate, I will present you with more than one potential plan of action so that you can choose the approach that suits your organisation the best.

11. Who have you written for before?

You can see links and details of some of my published writing on my Writing Examples page. I have previously written for the Guardian, the Independent, Channel 4 News blogs, Daily Dot, xoJane, New Statesman, Access magazine, Pet Focus magazine, Feminist Times and Disability Intersections amongst other platforms, both media-related and commercial. I wrote a weekly political opinion column for Global Comment and am now Editor in Chief of the site.

I also do a considerable amount of ghost writing for companies or individuals, which means that I cannot claim authorship of that work. If you are looking for a ghost writer you, too, can rely on my discretion! This is why most of my commercial work is not linked to from this website; I write it and my clients publish it under their own names.

12. What did you study at university? What have you studied since?

I studied French at university and have since undertaken further study in a wide range of areas, particularly focused on social science and marketing. You can see full details of my study and training history.

13. How long do you take to deliver work?

This very much depends on both the size of the project and my availability, but you can be assured that I will deliver your work promptly, based on the time we agree at the start of our work together.

I am a stickler for punctuality in meeting all my deadlines, and I will only agree to time limits that I am confident I can achieve. On occasions, I can offer rush work at an increased fee. Please get in touch if you would like any more information.

14. Will you promote your writing on social media?

I have over 20,000 Twitter followers and a healthy number of Facebook friends and fans and, if I write content under my own name, I am always happy to promote it – both immediately and on an ongoing basis – on social media when it is published.

I do not normally promote ghost-written content on my social media accounts.

15. How do you take payment?

I invoice in advance at the start of a project. I will send you an invoice that gives you the opportunity to pay by UK bank transfer or by PayPal. When I receive payment, I will make a start on your work.

Any more questions? Get in touch!