Blog post proofreading service

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In the era of content shock, bloggers need to work harder to stand out in their niche. Some can achieve this in the meaningful relationships they grow with their readers, and others with their energy and approach to life that gets people motivated.

However, for many, these are ideas that don’t fit with your core personality or that you have not had time to work on.

For the remaining people, those who want to raise their head above the parapet without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious, blog post proofreading can help you to make sure that blog posts are edited and checked before they are published on your site.

Why do bloggers need a proofreader?

Poor-quality content disappoints readers and upsets Google search spam rules. The search giant has the ability to scan a page of your blog and decide whether it is good-quality content that it can add to its search results, or whether the content is poor quality and should stay out of the search listings.

It’s that serious.

Plus, it will send your readers fleeing and they won’t trust anything you have to say when they start to perceive you as not having enough attention to detail to spellcheck your own posts…

Of course, we know it’s never that simple.

What you get when you hire me as a blog post proofreader

When you hire me as a proofreader, I can work in a range of ways. But we always start in the same place: we establish how long I will need to proofread your work, and I tell you how much it will cost. I will take your personal details, ask if there is anything particular you want me to focus on, and I will send you an invoice when I start work.

Beyond that, the proofreading process starts as follows:

I could edit your posts within the WordPress (or other CMS) interface, although this way you will just see the end results and you won’t be notified of each change. Another option is for me to work on your content in Microsoft Word (probably the best option for their Track Changes functionality), Open Office or Google Drive.

I will go through the text two or three times to ensure I catch all the errors, big and small. Whether you are misusing apostrophes, using sentences that are poorly structured or getting the odd word wrong, I can catch that for you and highlight it for you to fix it.

Then, I send the documents back to you, Track Changes enabled, so you can see exactly what I’ve done and – sometimes – why I’ve done it.

How much does blog post proofreading cost?

Fees for this work start at £5 per 500 words, with a minimum price per piece of £10. That means that if your blog post is 600, 800 or 995 words, the fee will be £10. 1,400 words would cost £15, 2,770 words would cost £30 and anything longer than that is certainly not a typical blog post!

I can normally return work within two – four working days but, if you are in a particular rush, I can often do the work more quickly for you for an additional 50% on top of the fee. My availability means this is not always possible but, if this is something you would be interested in, do ask.

Some people write their blog posts on a weekly basis and send them over to me each week. This is fine, but for bloggers who do batch blogging and write a chunk of work all in one go, I have a discount: if you send me four blog posts to proofread, all at the same time, I will give you a 10% discount. And if you send me six posts, that discount will leap to 15%.

If you would like to get in touch about me proofreading some blog posts for you, please contact me straight away with information about what you are looking for. Hopefully we can have a pleasant and productive working relationship together.