Podcasts for language nerds

I’m unapologetically addicted to podcasts. I listen to them constantly and have made several of my own (with a potential new one in the pipeline), and listening is currently my favourite way to learn.

When I need a new skill, I find podcasts that talk about it. When I need an update on a topic I already know about, I find podcasts that talk about it. When I need to relax, I listen to podcasts. When I need to laugh, I listen to podcasts… you get the idea.

So it made sense to find a great pile of language-related podcasts to share here. Many writers, editors and proofreaders, and those who hire us, are language nerds so I have found you a wide range of podcasts on all aspects of language and linguistics.

I listened to many of these already but the research for this post has led me to add a few more to my bulging playlist.

A couple don’t have recent episodes but they have a great back catalogue you can still enjoy.

Language-related podcasts to listen to, learn from and enjoy

  1. The Allusionist: A podcast about language by Helen Zaltzman
  2. Something Rhymes with Purple by Susie Dent and Gyles Brandreth
  3. Lexicon Valley: A podcast about language, from pet peeves to syntax with John H. McWhorter 
  4. En Clair: forensic linguistics, literary detection, language mysteries, and more by Dr Claire Hardaker, based at Lancaster University
  5. Accentricity: every voice is valid by Sadie Ryan
  6. Lingthusiasm: A podcast that’s enthusiastic about linguistics with Gretchen McCulloch and Lauren Gawne
  7. Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing by Mignon Fogarty
  8. Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day
  9. A Way with Words by author/journalist Martha Barnette and lexicographer/linguist Grant Barrett
  10. Words for Granted: An etymology and linguistics podcast by Ray Belli
  11. The Language Revolution: Changing UK attitudes to languages
  12. Lexitecture: A Canadian (Ryan) and a Scot (Amy) talking about the words in the English language that fascinate them most
  13. The History of English Podcast | The Spoken History of a Global Language
  14. Because Language is a podcast about linguistics, the science of language with Daniel Midgley, Hedvig Skirgård and Ben Ainslie
  15. The Fluent Show: A Podcast About Loving, Living and Learning Languages by Kerstin Cable and Lindsay Williams
  16. Conlangery, the podcast about constructed languages and the people who create them by George Corley
  17. Bunny Trails: A Word History Podcast
  18. LangFM.A podcast about language and what people do with it: Conversations and stories with interpreters, translators, copywriters, and other fun professions and passions by Alexander Dreschel
  19. Wordy Wordpecker with Rachel Lopez. A podcast that looks at how words have changed over time and the journeys they took to become what they are today