Podcast Episode 17: How to Create an Editorial Calendar

We ran out of storage space for our earliest episodes. But fear not, we have made these many, many hours of freelance writing goodness available for just £10. If you want access to them all, please click Add to Cart and buy through our e-junkie account for instant access. You might have heard of editorial calendars, or you might have been convinced that they are a good idea, but actually creating one can seem like an intimidating task. Is there software? How flexible will it be? And where on earth do you start? In this solo episode, Lorrie explains what editorial calendars are, recommends software and gives some great information on the subject. Show Notes Links and sites mentioned during the episode: Wordpress Editorial Calendar How to set up an…
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Content Marketing for Small Businesses (Infographic)

Content Marketing, Infographic
I love content marketing. I love the concept of it, the execution and the results! But many people, especially small businesses, just don't know where to start, and while regular blog posts, for instance, can be a brilliant form of content marketing, there are actually many more directions a great content marketing strategy can take. The rather clever people at PRWeb have created the following infographic about it, highlighting different options which are presented in a chart which divides them up into the most and least easy to implement, and the most and least attention needed to produce the content. Enjoyed this infographic? Get more small business marketing tips from BloggingPRWeb.  
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