Podcast Episode 40: What to do when you run out of ideas, AKA what Pippa Middleton’s bum can teach us about finding writing inspiration

Every writer, at some stage or another, gets hit by a sudden lack of ideas. It's depressing and can even be frightening, but there are ways to jolt your mind back into thinking creatively again. In this podcast episode, Lorrie and I discuss several tips and tricks you can use to reboot your creative mind and shake writers' block off for good. Show Notes Quora Google Alerts The guy who got a job by targeting PPC ads to vanity searches The guy who lost his entire Google, Apple, Amazon and Twitter presence in 15 minutes after his password was hacked Limit Login Attempts free Wordpress Plugin Featuring the hat stuck in the tree story:¬†47 Hilariously Underwhelming Local News Headlines Safestyle Windows¬†Secret Door Mapcrunch There are several ways to make sure…
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