Podcast Episode 60: Dealing with Sexual Harassment and Sexism from Freelance Clients

Many freelancers, especially those who are women or belong to minority groups, will have had an experience of being patronised, not taken seriously, or harassed. Unfortunately, these kinds of oppressive behaviours can really have a negative effect on a person's health and wellbeing, as well as their business. In my own experience, and that of Lorrie's, this can be a particular risk in sectors which have traditionally been male-dominated, but it can happen anywhere, so in this podcast we talk about how freelancers can recognise when they are being treated inappropriately, and what they can do when it happens. Show Notes How to Handle Sexual Harassment from a Client A Woman In Your Own Right: Assertiveness and You (Anne Dickson) - USA / UK Online in 60 Seconds ShareGrab There are several ways to…
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