Podcast Episode 50: Part 2 of How to stop your freelance business from wasting money

In episode 48 a couple of weeks ago, Lorrie and I began a two-part episode all about how freelancers can save money within their business, and hunt out and eliminate expensive, wasteful habits and patterns. In episode 50 (woohoo!) we carry on on that theme, with plenty more tips and tricks up our sleeves to share. Show Notes Philippa's work bookshelf The Handbook of Non-sexist Writing for Writers, Editors and Speakers by Casey Miller and Kate Swift Directgov business information Citizens' Advice Bureau Skype Episode 23: How to Decide What to Charge for your Freelance Writing Services 7 Online Filters And Site Blockers For Fighting Distractions Online Don't sweat the small stuff Episode 46: How to deal with criticism and negative feedback Worktimer Desktop There are several ways to make sure that…
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