Podcast Episode 61: How To Start Freelancing In 2014

Sometimes the hardest thing is to just get started, so if you are really committed to making freelance writing your full-time business, in this solo episode Lorrie outlines her freelance business planning blueprint. Follow her suggestions to be up and running as a freelance writer in just six weeks. Show Notes ALBTM 17 - How To Create An Editorial Calendar ALBTM 18 - How To Network Like A Ninja ALBTM 20 - Goalplanning: your freelance writing aims for 2013 ALBTM 23 - How to decide what to charge for your freelance writing services ALBTM 24 - The art of getting paid ALBTM 25 - why and How to Charge More For Your Freelance Writing Monthly budget template http://www.copyblogger.com/create-content-infographic/ Akismet Limit login attempts There are several ways to make sure that…
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