Podcast Episode 67: An interview with Lucy Hay from @Bang2Write about screenwriting, script editing, social media and other Ss besides

  [tweetherder]Podcast interview with @Bang2Write #scriptchat #amwriting [/tweetherder]   Lucy Hay is an expert in all things screenwriting. A published writer, script reader and organiser of the London Screenwriting Festival, she also runs the massively successful Bang2Write website. In this podcast episode, I interview Lucy and we cover everything from her work with J.K. Amalou to helping to give women opportunities through London Screenwriting Festival, funding and investment for films, why some films work and some don't, how much to disclose on social media, Twitter hashtags, cyber bullying and teenage pregnancy. During the discussion, I also inadvertently came out as gay. It was so thoroughly underwhelming that it was only on editing it that I even noticed I'd done it. A must-listen for anyone interested in making it in the film and…
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