Podcast Episode 78: How to self-publish without embarrassing yourself

Self-published books have a bad reputation and, sadly, that is partly the fault of self-publishers themselves. If you want to publish your own work, it's time to up your game. In this podcast episode, Lorrie and I explain a series of self-publishing 'don'ts' and offer recommendations and tips to make sure your self-published work is the best it can be. Show Notes DIY: How to Understand Self-Publishing Acronyms Lousy Book Covers Fiverr Authors are a**holes Written? Kitten! There are several ways to make sure that you don't miss out on A Little Bird Told Me. Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via iTunes Find us on Stitcher Smart Radio And finally, do 'like' us on Facebook to be the first to hear our news and to talk with us about what you hear on the…
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