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As a collective member at The F-Word, Philippa is also responsible for moderating comments on the site and editing submissions, helping the site to achieve a fine balance between lively, open discussion and the cultural sensitivity necessary when dealing with emotive themes.

On the occasions that I have submitted articles to The F-Word, I have had the pleasure of working with Philippa and have greatly benefited from her keen editorial skills. She has a sharp eye for detail but never loses sight of the bigger picture, enabling her to advise on article structure, tone, flow and language. An insightful and even-handed editor, Philippa welcomes discussion and feedback; her keen intellect and pleasant, thoughtful manner ensure that this is a process to be enjoyed and embraced.

I would have no hesitation in approaching Philippa for her advice on any of the numerous topics in which she specialises: her input has proven invaluable on many occasions.

Lorrie HartshornThat Wordy BirdUK