Upcoming presentation: LGBT Apostasy and Conversion Therapy

A few weeks ago, I wrote about conversion therapy for Now Then, the magazine where I am a community correspondent. I had been trying for several months to find a local case study and, in the absence of anybody willing to talk about their own experiences, I shared mine instead.

I was surprised by how confronting it felt to address the experiences I had when I was younger; surprising mostly because I did not undergo conversion therapy myself, instead I was offered it… twice. But being told you need it does profound damage to your sense of self, your sense of goodness, and your confidence.

As a result of that article, Humanists UK’s Faith to Faithless project have invited me to speak about conversion therapy at an online event next week. I’d love it if you came along. I will be speaking alongside Jayne Ozanne and and Rachel Taggart-Ryan.

It’s on Feb 22nd at 7pm and you can find out how to register here.


Image credit: Trey Musk