Podcast Episode 75: Twitter Tools to Streamline Your Social Media Marketing

Do you find that you waste time posting on Twitter and keeping track of your followers? Social media is an unavoidable part of marketing a freelance business, but there are tools available that can help freelancers to avoid wasting time and energy on their Twitter tasks. In this podcast episode, I talk you through a series of tools that can help you to streamline your Twitter marketing and make it a far more efficient process. Show Notes Tweetdeck Hootsuite Buffer ManageFlitter FollowerWonk Tweriod Tweepi Twitter is like… There are several ways to make sure that you don't miss out on A Little Bird Told Me. Subscribe via RSS Subscribe via iTunes Find us on Stitcher Smart Radio And finally, please 'like' us on Facebook to be the first to hear our news and to…
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Introducing the Writers Helping Writers Collective

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[caption id="" align="alignright" width="240"] Spreadsheet email (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)[/caption] Last night, on Twitter (follow me @PhilippaWrites), I got into an interesting conversation with @thewritesprite. She followed me, and I told her that I liked her username. She joked about how difficult it had been to choose one, and we started to talk about how, despite writing for other people for a living, writing for ourselves can sometimes be hard. There are, of course, other times when another writer's input can be very valuable - for instance it is nigh on impossible to proofread your own work. You are too involved with the text and it often takes a fresh pair of eyes to spot mistakes. And sometimes a writer can craft a catchier Twitter bio about somebody else…
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