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Notes on March

Cherry blossom

Cherry blossom

I sometimes wonder whether I should populate my blog with updates on how work is going. After all, it gives readers and potential clients an idea of what I’m up to.

So, I’m giving it a try this month and will see how it goes.

A particularly interesting part of March’s work was proofreading two books for a French agency. The books had been translated from French and I was proofreading the resulting translation. They were grammatically very good but needed some work on occasional areas of wording that didn’t sound quite right. As I have a degree in French Studies I have done my fair share of translation so am familiar with the way it works and the problems and challenges it can cause, so I felt at home fixing these texts.

March also saw the end of a long-term mentoring relationship that I had had with a client who was a keen writer and wanted mentorship on writing and some personal issues that we had in common. We had worked together for several years and the time came for us to part ways. It was quite sad to see them go, but also a proud moment for me that this client was able to move on to new things.

I also had enquiries about being a disability sensitivity reader for an upcoming book. That is not confirmed yet but should be an interesting project if it goes ahead.

Other than that, I have been writing weekly / twice-weekly blog posts for a range of companies that recognise the benefit of ongoing blogging but don’t have the time or expertise to do it themselves. These are usually focused on either tech / digital marketing or health / disability, which keeps things different and interesting while remaining in my areas of specialism.

Finally, my weekly column at Global Comment has seen me cover Brexit, a Tory leadership election, LGBT teaching in schools and the social model of disability.

January in Review

January Cottage

January Cottage (Photo credit: jenniferworthen)

Wow, January has been a busy month! And, as a freelancer, this is always a good thing. May the rest of 2014 follow the same pattern!

I wrote some really popular articles for Feminist Times and Disability Intersections, and it was great to see such positive responses via social media.

For Feminist Times I wrote, “Intrusive entitlement: disabled women as public property”, about the way that many people feel that they can touch, grab and inappropriately question disabled people about their lives.

I also wrote a long-form article for the exciting new online magazine Disability Intersections about food snobbery and how many people judge what others eat, without taking into account the many different personal circumstances and societal oppressions that can make this difficult, in March of the Food Snobs.

I’ve also been working on some large editing projects: two very different full-length books, which has been a great experience and it feels great to whip a piece of work into shape and have the privilege of being a trusted second pair of eyes for a client’s hard work.

I have, as always, been busy with ghostwritten blogging and content work for regular clients, and I have proofread and edited lots of CVs and job applications. The insecure job market means that people are really keen to make sure they put themselves in the best possible position when they apply for work, so they are sending their work to me in record numbers to make sure their documents are error free and present them in the best possible light.

The podcast is going from strength to strength, and I also blogged about the benefits for small businesses of offering things for free. I have finally got round to updating the list of work I have had published online in the last 12 months, too, including commissions for Access Magazine and my posts at The F-Word. This is always quite a skewed representation of my work because so much of what I do is ghost writing that I can’t claim as “mine”, so the work that goes onto this page is just a small proportion of my actual published writing.

Finally, I did my dreaded tax returns via the HMRC’s self-assessment site. Ugh! There’s a reason I’m a writer, not a numbers person!

So the first month of 2014 is pretty much over and done with, and it’s been a good one! Here’s to a fabulous February.